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Tony Crosse B.A. (Hons) Fine Art (Canterbury) and M.A. European Fine Art (Southampton) PhD (Christchurch)



The love of making art, has permeated the life of Tony Crosse since childhood. Tony’s drawings and paintings, that are created ‘live’, are often auctioned and are instrumental in founding and funding the Tony Crosse Manometry Laboratory at Guys Hospital, London, now at St Thomas' Hospital. Funds have also been raised from his artwork for The Variety Club of Great Britain and The Comedians Golfing Society. 

In his post as Healing Arts Consultant at the Medway & Maritime Hospital in the UK, between 1998 and 2006, Tony was responsible for making and commissioning over 100 works of art that still serve to enrich the environment and comfort patients, staff and visitors. Eleven of these paintings are included in The Public Catalogue Foundation, published in London 2004. The project at the hospital became known as HAPi i.e. Healing Arts Programme initiative and this link will take you to the site where several of the works appear.

He is the author of

'The Sleeping Artist' - a source book for artists;    

'Under the Influence' - the life and work of Barry Leighton-Jones Oct 1932 - Nov 2011 (also as a DVD movie);  

'Salvador Dali & Jean-François Millet' - a dissertation on Dali's reasoning behind the transcriptions of Millet's famous painting 'The Angelus';  

'Life as a Binary System' - explores Darwin's theories on natural selection through the lens of computer science;   

'Acronyms for Life' -  easy formulae for everyday living;    

'Reflex to Reason' - a study of the relationship between Emotions and the Intellect;     

'Visual Dialogues as an Aid to  Recovery' - layman's guide to the use of visual metaphor for health.


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