THE SEAT OF HEALING BOOK - signatures and comments 




The book has been signed by the Princess Royal and more than 100 staff, visitors and patients. Here is a selection of their comments :

'Wonderful'. - R. Whittington ex ambulance 41 years       

'My Dad's feet don't even touch the ground and he's 6ft 3ins'. - Valerie Wake

'What a wonderful chair, feel a bit like Alice, I hope it works'. - S. D. Cornes 

'It's a lovely thought, thinking well does make a difference'! - Carole Fleet

'Sitting in the chair gave me the feeling of someone trying to help me through my problems'. - Mrs M. E. Greenhow

'It made me feel like a child again. Enjoyed swinging my feet'. - Jane Seal

'We think this is a beautiful piece of art that has been created. We all felt a little tingle when we sat in the chair and felt really tiny'.  - Jane A. & Teresa A.

'I felt truly amazing, it's the most wicked chair in the world'. - J. Imraleh

'Love your chair'. - Julie Cook

'A wonderful idea - it worked for me'. - Eleanor Payne

'I felt like my legs were made of jelly and I got a tingly feeling in my spine'. - Sarah Nolan aged 10

Seat of Healing

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