Pebble sculptures in the hospital courtyards :  'Spiral',  'The Zodiac',  'Yin Yang' 

These sculptures were constructed by Tony Crosse, 

they measure 15 meters across and are constructed from 10 tons of Canterbury Cobblestones. 



ANTONIA'S PLAYGROUND - A celebration of the spirit of youth 

Inspired by the spirit of young local patient, Antonia, who has bravely faced great difficulties th roughout her young life, *Lyn Briers, Senior Chief Cardiac Physiologist of the Cardio-respiratory Department (overlooking Courtyard 6) at the Hospital, was determined that good use should be made of the space to provide appropriate interest, arid to enlighten all within the Hospital who have an outlook over the courtyard. This follows on the good work of the Healing Arts team, led by Tony Crosse, in numerous other courtyards throughout the Hospital to provide interest and good quality of visual environment.

'Antonia's Playground' has been created as a permanent feature to enrich the area previously known as 'Courtyard 6'. The sculptures are near life size colourful ceramic works based on children playing, to form a permanent 'playground' feature. It is overlooked by children's wards, the maternity ward, a surgical ward, the cardio-respiratory department and corridors at three levels leading to children's surgical and maternity wards and other departments. 

*Lyn Briers passed away on August 9th 2005 shortly after the project which she instigated was completed.


THE FLOWERMILL COURTYARD or The Telly Tubbies Garden

Courtyard 4 was mainly a weed-covered bank which was an eyesore for the new hospital. Marion Coggan of Hotel Services approached Tony Crosse and asked him if he could make the courtyard attractive and colourful with a low maintenance parameter. Tony worked with fellow artist Jillie Holder and together they came up with the idea of artificial grass and children's Flowermills. The project is an immense success and gives the staff and passing visitors a real lift, especially children.



The courtyard has a constant flow of air which assures that the flowermills are always turning

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