the Healing Arts Programme initiative   


Art that is designed to provide moments of silence and reflection are a reminder of one of the purposes and possibilities of contemporary art.  

The Healing Arts Programme initiative began in August 1998. The project has aimed to fill the hospital with sensitive artwork that have been installed in the following areas : 

Sanderson Centre;    Seat of Healing;   Fracture Clinic;   

  John Spence Gallery;    Panda & Dolphin  Wards;    Trafalgar & Astley Cooper Ward;  

Scanning Suite;     Mortuary;   Neonatal;   East Hospital Street;   

  Phlebotomy;    Heritage Trail;    Admissions  & Discharge Lounge:    

Courtyards; Child Education;  Current Exhibitions: EARTH/BODY-SCAPES & SELF-SIMILARITY

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